Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kidzoona - Learning and Enjoyable Place For Kids

Being a mom of a toddler especially during this stage, interaction with other peers is what I want him to experience. Since husband and I are both working, we often have a child-adult communication all the time. 

As much as possible, we make it a point to let him experience the  world outside our small townhouse playing with his dinosaurs and spiderman toys. But this doesn't mean we have to be very expensive, most of the time we just let him enjoy the benefits of a free playground utilities in our subdivision together with the other kids.  

 Kidzoona is place where you can find the best facilities your kids will enjoy, actually kids at heart can also be part of this enjoyable place too. 

But what is Kidzoona all about?

My cute little toddler - Kade
 Kidzoona is owned by Aeon Fantasy Group Philippines which is a Japan based company established in April 2014. They specialize in the operation of entertainment facilities and shopping center.

They opened their first indoor amusement located inside Robinsons Galleria Mall in Ortigas, Quezon City in November 2014. With their mission of Family, Fun and Safety, they provide both educational and entertaining environment for children and their families.

Photo from Google/Kidzoona
 You will be asked to fill out the Entrance Application Form  after paying their entrance fee. Parent/s or guardian/s are subject for entrance fee as well. Then you will be given a locker cabinet for your personal belongings along with the key and a Name Tag. 


This is their huge balloon pool, which my little toddler really enjoyed more. Beneath the gazillion plastic balls is a cushion so you won't worry yourself if your kids happens to dive into the pool. It surrounds with padded seats suitable to everyone who feels tired during playtime.

and this is my most favorite amongst everywhere here at Kidzoona.... 


This is where every parent (I am sure) would want to see their kids play. 

Kade is my little darling Chef here! so cute!

 Kade looks like a real doctor here. He is giving medicine to his Kuya Arvie (cousin) whose body and feet accidentally bump off by the vehicle going to work (as per them, hahaha)

I'm sure Kade can sell millions of burgers with this smile, oh! 

Kidzoona Nuvali (branch)
Solenand 3, Nuvali, Tagaytagay Road, corner
Nuvali Boulevard, Nuvali, Santa Rosa Laguna,

Monday, March 28, 2016

Bungee Jumping

It was in good faith when I decided to try bungee jump. I thought I could chant "more!, more!" and called for a higher bungee fun unlike others who first tried it. But it was turned out bad and unenjoyable to me (haha). I mean, it was indeed one of kind experience Yes!, but I doubt if I will have the courage to do it again, well! let's see if fate permits me. I will just cross the bridge "again" when I get there (winks).

as you can see, I am confident and excited on this photo :)
Preparing myself, securing the tackles are functional.
Although what I have tried is not the usual bungee jump that involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. Wherein the tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as building, bridge or crane. The feeling I guess is not totally the same but, the trill of free-falling and rebound bouncing force are quiet the same thing, I guess. 

What I have tried is the one operated by machine and manually maneuver to control the force of bouncing up, down, right and left. My tummy did a somersault, an involuntary scream escaped me, the only thing I remember is that I was begging them to "Stop, please! stop" hahaha.

AJ Hackett in Macau officially ranks one of the tallest bungee jump in the world. Letting jumpers pitch off the tower from astonishing 764 feet above the ground (can you imagine that???) This adrenaline junkie's dream lets you free fall for more than 6 seconds before your bungee cord rebounds. AJ Hackett is one of the world's most trusted bungee outfitters, and the Macau Tower jump features specially designed bungee cords that rebound up and down, as opposed to side to side, which would increase the jumper's rish of swinging and hitting the tower.

Photo credits to Google
Photo credits to Google

How about you? have you ever tried a bungee jump?
Did you find it enjoyable? Share your experience and comment below ^_~


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Baluarte Zoo - Iloconos Norte

After visiting and being amazed with historical stories, structures and landmarks in Vigan, The Spanish Herritage Village we headed straight to Baluarte Zoo and spend an hour with the animals inside. 

Photo credits to Google
Baluarte is owned by a well-known son of Vigan - Mr. Chavit Singson, and because it privately owned Zoo Park, it is therefore continuously being improved. 

Aside from the mini zoo, there is a butterfly farm, a track for horse riding a skeet shooting range. Within its private areas, there were varieties of animals from other countries and others endemic to the Philippines. They can see up close rows of cages where they can see lions, tigers, amazing peacocks, civet cars, iguanas are also there, pythons (eww) and other reptiles and birds. Kade also enjoyed the Dinosaur sculptures around the park, the tirex, stegosaurus, and a lot more.  

We've also noticed the multi-storey house towards the hills, where according to those people around is the villas where Mr. Chavit Singsong sits and love to over see Vigan and South China sea. 

Although, Baluarte Zoo is privately owned you will be amazed that Mr. Chavit allows people visitors take ride and visit the zoo at no charge, Yes! It's for FREE. You can bring your whole family and friends to enjoy new things inside.

Other Information:
  • About 400km from Manila
  • Free admissions for everyone
  • Open 7 days  a week (from 7am to 6pm)
  • Picnic area available, again for FREE
  • Small canteen available inside

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